NFL Football Player Attributes Career To Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is no stranger to the world of professional sports, with many athletes showing off their love for the Shonen franchise via anime apparel or even performing the fusion dance within the end zone, and a recent article gives us one player of the National Football League who attributes their entire career to Akira Toriyama's popular anime franchise. Though Dragon Ball Z might have ended, the anime franchise has continued via the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, bringing Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Fighters into the world of the Gods!

In a recent article put together by the Washington Post, the news outlet dived into how Dragon Ball Z itself has appeared numerous times throughout many players' career, with defensive end Carl Lawson Jr of the Cincinnati Bengals attributing the adventures of Goku to his start as a professional athlete:

“It’s the reason why I play football. I’ve been a ‘Dragon Ball’ fan since I was born. It’s so far back I can’t even remember. It’s just been a part of my life.”

Dragon Ball Z NFL Anime
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Though the Saiyan warriors have never taken the opportunity to try their hands at the American style of football, one of the most beloved episodes of Dragon Ball Super saw the Z Fighters lacing up their sneakers to try their hand at playing baseball, with the human warrior Yamcha taking the lead role based on his background. With the combatants of Universe 6 challenging the brawlers to a match of baseball, we were able to see how Super Saiyan transformations could be used in a bid to win a baseball game!

Anime, in general, has found its way into several different leagues, with the professional fighters in the UFC sometimes walking in the ring with anime soundtracks playing in the background and the sports channels of ESPN sometimes using anime images and scenes to push some of their biggest news stories.

In the world of anime, we've seen more than a few series that focus on the world of sports, including the likes of Slam Dunk, Haikyuu, Prince of Tennis, Free!, and countless others. Needless to say, we definitely don't foresee an end to anime drawing from the world of professional sports and vice versa.


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Via Washington Post