Dragon Ball Fan Pits Gohan Against Trunks in Impressive Sprite Fight

Gohan and Trunks might not be that close in the "main universe" of the series, but in the alternate time line that spawned the future version of the son of Vegeta, they were teacher and student, but one fan has decided to show the two at one anothers' throats in a spectacular sprite animation that does the franchise of Dragon Ball justice. When Trunks returned in the Super story line of Goku Black, the two didn't expand on their relationship in the premiere continuity, but the fight between the two Z Fighters would certainly be one of the biggest that the series has seen!

In the future time line that spawned the "coolest" version of Trunks, the Androids had done the impossible and killed the majority of the Z Fighters following the death of Goku due to a heart disease. With Trunks training under Gohan, one of the only Saiyans to survive the assault, it was only until his mentor died that Trunks was able to finally achieve the transformation of Super Saiyan. Even with this power boost, Trunks wasn't able to make a dent in the Androids and ventured to the past in an attempt to change the future of the Dragon Ball Z world.

Reddit Artist Jaeoneoh shared this impressive sprite battle that imagines what would happen if the son of Goku tangled against the son of Vegeta, continuing the rivalry in a brand new way for a fight that hasn't been explored in the anime series of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super:

A little sprite fight I did, it’s exactly 450 frames at 13 fps and about 7-8 hours of me sitting in front of my desktop, enjoy! from r/dbz

In the Goku Black arc of Dragon Ball Super, Trunks returned to the past in order to get some assistance in taking on the mysterious villain who has the same appearance as the lunk headed Saiyan. It was eventually revealed that this version of Goku turned out to be the rogue Kaioshin known as Zamasu, and the battle was joined that nearly destroyed the present and the future. Though the Z Fighters won, Trunks' timeline was destroyed and he was forced to venture into a future that was not his own.

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