Dragon Ball Z Star Shares Update on Bulma's Original Actress Amidst COVID-19 Battle

Earlier this week, reports surfaced confirming that former voice actor Tiffany Vollmer was fighting COVID-19 after receiving a diagnosis. The information came straight from co-star Sonny Strait who plays Krillin in the dub. Now, the Dragon Ball actor has given a quick update on Bulma's former actress, and it seems Vollmer has high spirits while fighting back against the illness.

Recently, Strait took to Twitter where he informed fans of the update. It turns out Vollmer has been fighting against COVID-19 for nearly two weeks, but she is "definitely in good spirits" despite all of her symptoms.

"She said that the anabiotics are doing a number on her stomach. She's had 100+ fever for the past 11 days. She also said the headaches are unbelievably painful. But she is definitely in good spirits," Strait relayed.

Of course, fans are happy to hear that Vollmer is optimistic despite her gnarly symptoms. Given the newness of COVID-19, there is so much doctors do not know about the illness and its impact on the body. While some patients may have mild symptoms or none at all, there are others who require urgent care. Vollmer appears to be handling the infection without intensive care, and fans are hoping she will kick the illness before too long.


It was just earlier this week that Strait reached out to fans with news of Vollmer's state. The star shared a link to a fundraiser created by a family friend of Vollmer which will help the former actress financially. After all, Strait says Vollmer and her husband have had trouble working because of the pandemic, and Vollmer doesn't need to worry about bills when she is fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines. It has been some years since Vollmer lent her voice to the Dragon Ball franchise, but fans will always remember her work as Bulma fondly. Now, those same fans are rallying together to help the former actress, and they wish nothing but the best for her prognosis.