Dragon Ball Z Fan Gets Custom Vegeta Car Complete with Scouter

Dragon Ball Z first unveiled the Prince of the Saiyans as a belligerent villain who was seeking the Dragon Balls to achieve immortality to take down Freeza and take over his empire, and one fan has taken us back to the early days of the Z Fighter by transforming their vehicle into a car that honors the Akira Toriyama franchise. Using the back lights of the car ingeniously to give Vegeta his scouter, which he hasn't used since the early days of the Saiyan Saga, this is definitely a vehicle that would make any Saiyan proud.

When last we saw Vegeta in the anime, he had given Goku the energy that he needed in order to regain the transformation known as Ultra Instinct, eventually defeating the Universe 11 Champion known as Jiren, with a big assist by none other than Freeza himself. In the latest Moro Arc that takes place in the manga, Vegeta did something similar following his training on the Planet Yardrat and his learning of the technique known as Forced Spirit Fission, giving Goku a necessary boost to not only help defeat Moro, but also achieve a new move that allowed Son to create a giant energy version of himself to take down the sorcerer that had plagued the Earth for quite some time.

Reddit User Catupiry Pizza found this insane vehicle makeover that uses one of the backlights to once again give a scouter to the Prince of the Saiyans, that he has not used since breaking his own during the Saiyan Saga where Goku returned to Earth following his training in the afterlife on King Kai's planet:

A guy from Brazil customized his car with Vegeta and his scouter from r/dbz

Scouters have definitely gone the way of the dinosaurs in Dragon Ball Super, with power levels being so far and above what they initially started with that they are nearly impossible to measure. With the likes of Goku and Vegeta now harnessing the power of the Gods via Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct, we have to imagine that power levels are definitely in the billions if not higher at this point.

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