Dragon Quest Just Had One of Toei's Best Fight Sequences of 2021

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai surprised fans with one of Toei Animation's best fight sequences of the year! Toei Animation currently has quite a few projects in the works, and many of them have surprised with some splendidly animated fight scenes. While One Piece might currently be taking all of the attention for the staff's work through the Wano Country arc adaptation, one of Toei Animation's other projects has been bubbling on the back burner for a while until it impressed with a huge fight scene between father and son that took the fights of the series to a literal new level.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, a rebooted anime adaptation of Riku Sanjo and Koji Inada's manga of the same name, has been airing new episodes since it originally premiered last Fall and recently capped off a major arc where Dai had to contend with his father, Baran the Dragon Knight. In Episode 31 of the series, where their full conflict began, Dai unlocked a brand new power that took their fight to Dragon Ball levels of power. Check it out below:

Episode 31 of the series sees Dai fighting against his father, who had evolved to his most powerful state thanks to the use of his Draconic Aura. But while Dai had struggled at first, the fight against his father allowed him to tap into his own Draconic Aura. Making the surprise even better was that his own Dragon Knight crest appeared on his hand. As Baran states, this is a completely rare occurrence as Dragon Knight crests usually pop up on their foreheads.

Dai's Draconic Aura is likely due to a blessing given by his mother, and a remnant of the human spirit pushing Dai to fight harder for the sake of his friends and unlikely allies in the episode. The two of them then clash in midair while fully pushing their auras to new levels, and the fight between the two is ultimately settled in the next episode with Dai's confirmed victory.


But what do you think? Did you catch this fight between Dai and his father in Dragon Quest? How have you been enjoying Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai's run so far? Will you be tuning in now after seeing one of its fierce battles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!