Netflix's Dragon's Dogma Anime Trailer Reveals English Voice Cast

As part of Netflix's effort to expand their anime efforts, they are teaming with Capcom for a brand new anime based on the Dragon's Dogma video game franchise. The newest trailer for the upcoming series gives fans a look at the English dub cast for the project coming in just a matter of weeks. The first trailer for the new series gave fans an idea of what they could look forward to in the anime, but this trailer gives us another good sneak peek at what is to come for fans of the original games.

Releasing on Netflix worldwide on September 17th, the newest trailer for the Dragon's Dogma anime reveals the cast for the dub version which includes Greg Chun as Ethan, Erica Mendez as Hannah, Cristina Vee as Olivia, Jeannie Tirado as Louis, Ryan Bartley as Salai, and David Lodge as The Dragon.

As for the Japanese cast of the series, Netflix has revealed the main cast for that version as well. It includes the likes of Yuichi Nakamura as Ethan, Nana Mizuki as Hannah, Miyuki Sawashiro as Olivia, Yuko Sanpei as Louis, Suzuko Mimori as Salai, and Takayuki Sugo as The Dragon.

There has been some debate from anime fans since the release of the first trailer for the new series, and broke down its CG animation. CG anime are some of the most divisively received among fans, and it looks like this debate won't be settled until fans get to see the full project in motion for themselves in just a couple of weeks!


Netflix describes Dragon's Dogma as such, "Based on a world-famous action RPG set in an open world, Dragon’s Dogma from CAPCOM will be brought to life as a Netflix original anime series. Fighting to protect his beloved family from the Dragon, Ethan is robbed of his heart by the nightmarish beast. Although thought to have perished, Ethan is resurrected as the 'Arisen.' Reawakened, Ethan meets a follower of the Arisen, a Pawn named Hannah. Together, the two set out on a quest to retrieve Ethan's stolen heart."

What do you think of Netflix's Dragon's Dogma anime so far? How do you like the casts of the English and Japanese versions? What are you hoping to see make the jump from the games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!