Fairy Tail Creator Shares Adorable Jellal and Erza Sketch

Fairy Tail's creator often goes the extra mile when it turns to showing love to fans, and now has shared an adorable new sketch of Jellal and Erza. Series creator Hiro Mashima has made a major impact with fans over the years as the creator has often added an extra bit of fan service with each and every one of his series releases over the years. This is especially the case with Fairy Tail as not only does the extra care for fans not only includes the elaborate character personalities and designs, but has several brewing relationships over the years.

One of the main relationships Mashima had been brewing over the course of the Fairy Tail series was between Jellal Fernandes and Erza Scarlet. While the two of them have unfortunately never been able to confirm their relationship status on series' page, Mashima has been sure to bring them closer through smaller sketches and moments shared with fans on Twitter. You can check out the latest sketch below:

This adorable sketch of Jellal and Erza resting underneath a tree in the evening is the conclusion to a series of sketches Mashima has shared previously. Imagining the two of them in an alternate world taking a short driving date, the two of them have dinner at a fancy restaurant before their car breaks down. It's why you can see the shadow of a car sitting just on the outside of the two of them.

Jellal and Erza's relationship was unfortunately never confirmed one way or the other beyond the major teasing Mashima had built for the two of them over the course of the Fairy Tail series. Unfortunately it's the same for many of the other relationships Mashima had teased or developed as the series ended without pulling many of the triggers needed to finalize the romances fans had been hoping to see reach a new level by the time the series had come to an end.

There's still a possibility that these relationships can still get confirmed or developed in the official sequel series, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest. It bummed out fans slightly to see these relationships held off for a potential later reveal, but at least Mashima has brought these two together through these special sketches. But what do you think of Jellal and Erza's pairing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!