JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stars Join Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force's second season has brought back Shinra and the other fire fighters of Company 8, presenting them with some serious new challenges to battle in the forms of the demonic flame based antagonists and it seems as if two veterans of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series will be joining the popular anime series created by David Production. With these voice actors having participated in the fourth season of JoJo with Diamond Is Unbreakable and the fifth season of Golden Wind, it's clear that they will make some solid additions to the franchise created by Atsushi Okubo!

Fire Force has been an original anime series by presenting our heroes as fire fighters with supernatural abilities against creatures know as Infernals. Ironically enough, Fire Force and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure share more than simply these voice actors that are a part of both anime franchises, as David Production is the animation studio responsible for both of these series. We doubt there will be a crossover for either Shinra or any of the Joestars in the future, but with David Production handling the animation chores on both, anything is definitely possible and it would make for a visually gorgeous crossover if nothing else!

Fire Force's Official Twitter Account shared the news that Yuki Ono would be coming on board as Takigi Oze (who had played Josuke in Diamond Is Unbreakable) while Kohsuke Toriumi will be playing as Hajiki (who had played Mista in the season of Golden Wind):


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