Food Wars' Final Season Delayed to July or Later Due to COVID-19

Food Wars kicked into gear earlier this year on television, but it seems the anime will not return until July of this year at earliest. It turns out the ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc on production schedules across the industry, and Food Wars couldn't escape that fallout. As such, the show informed fans today that season five has been pushed back yet again.

According to reports, Food Wars: The Fifth Plate confirmed its third episode will not air until July at the earliest. The Japanese announcement confirms the comeback will happen in July "or later" if more time is needed. So if Japan continues on with its State of Emergency, fans can bet production on Food Wars will see little change and require more time this summer (and even fall) to finish.

This delay update is the most recent one fans of Food Wars have gotten. Back in mid-April, the show confirmed it would be going on hiatus due to the impact of COVID-19. With Japan in a State of Emergency, in-office work has been greatly reduced which impacted the animation sector hard. With production and post-production at a standstill, shows like Food Wars were left with no choice but to go on hiatus.

(Photo: J.C. Staff)

For our favorite high school chefs, Food Wars was able to get out two episode of season five before it went on hiatus. Currently, Japan is showing reruns of season four during the show's usual time slot, so here's to hoping fans will still be hungry when their go-to cooks return! After all, Food Wars is closing in on its endgame twists, so this final season will not be one to miss. Its delay wasn't ideal by any means, but there is little doubt Soma will come back spicier than ever once production kicks back in.


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