This Fullmetal Alchemist Art Shows How Maes Hughes' Daughter Ended Up

Fullmetal Alchemist was easily able to become one of the most memorable anime franchises within the medium among fans not for its in-depth story telling and amazing action, but also thanks to some of the most tragic moments in the history of anime but one fan has attempted to give a happy ending to one of the most tragic characters in Elicia Hughes. Though we never had the opportunity to see what Elicia would have been like as an adult, this art work definitely eases the pain of the tragedy she had to undergo throughout the series.

Maes Hughes was nothing if not a family man, constantly showing other members of the State Military pictures of his daughter and wife in some of the funniest scenes of the anime series. Unfortunately, this all came to an end when Hughes was killed by the Homonculi, led by his own organization's "Fuhrer", giving us one of the saddest scenes in the anime, and what many consider to be one of the most tragic scenes in the history of anime. With Hughes' body being lowered into the ground, Elicia cried for him to come back and not be buried, pulling at the heart strings of everyone in attendance and, most likely, every fan watching the series.

Twitter User Death788 shared this heartfelt meme that shows Elicia as a grown up, following in her father's footsteps not only by joining the State Military, but by also endlessly showing off pictures of her father Maes, following the tragic loss of his life:

While there hasn't been any news regarding the world of the Elric Brothers making a grand return to the world of anime with a sequel to the series or a reboot, it's clear that the franchise was able to have a big impact on the world. If the franchise would return, we certainly wouldn't mind being given a look into the life of Elicia following in her father's footsteps in joining the state military.


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