Gachiakuta Staff Breaks Silence on the Anime's Order

Studio Bones' next big anime adaptation, Gachiakuta, has received commentary from the creators that are bringing Rudo's story to the small screen.

Studio Bones has made a name for itself by adapting some heavy hitters in the anime world, including the likes of My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Mob Psycho 100. The next anime series that the production house has in store is Gachiakuta, and considering its source material, it might stand toe-to-toe with Bones' other big anime adaptations. Set to arrive in 2025, the upcoming anime will have some big names aiding in bringing Rudo's story to life and three of the creators have shared their thoughts on Gachiakuta coming to the small screen. 

The series itself is set to be directed by Fumihiko Suganuma, who had previously worked on the likes of T.P. Bon, The First Slam Dunk, and Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. Here's what the anime director had to say when it came to tackling Rudo's life, "I'll do my best to deliver 120% of the unique spirit and passion of the manga, and create a show that both Gachiakuta fans and viewers new to the series will enjoy." 

(Photo: Studio BONES)

Gachiakuta's Crew Assembles

Hiroshi Seko, who will work on the series composition of the anime adaptation, added their thoughts on the upcoming show, "I see the manga as being filled with knowledge and insights that manga artist Kei Urana and graffiti artist Hideyoshi Andou gained not in the classroom, but first-hand on the streets, sometimes in tough experiences that they powered through to survive. So every page has a sort of nostalgic old-school 'street' vibe that can be rough and gawky, but also straight and powerful."

Finally, Character Design and Chief Animation Director Satoshi Ishino, discussed the franchise's artwork and the other elements of Gachiakuta that make it a success, "Everything about Gachiakuta – the story, Urana's artwork, Andou's graffiti, and the world they've created – is really captivating. The different expressions, the dynamism and sketches that Urana draws are all incredible, and I hope to do justice to his fantastic artwork." 

If you want a primer on the original story of Gachiakuta, here's how Kodansha describes the hard-hitting series, "Rudo lives in the slums of a floating town, where the poor scrape by under the shadow of the rich who live a sumptuous life, simply casting their garbage off the side, into the abyss. Then one day, he's falsely accused of murder, and his wrongful conviction leads to an unimaginable punishment—exile off the edge, with the rest of the trash. Down on the surface, the cast-off waste of humanity has bred vicious monsters, and if Rudo wants to have any hope of discovering the truth and seeking vengeance against those who cast him into Hell, he will have to master a new power and join a group known as the Cleaners who battle the hulking trash beasts of the Pit!"

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