Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown Movie is Coming to Crunchyroll

Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown marked the first feature length film in the anime franchise that introduced a dark fantasy world that took a page from the likes of the magical elements from Dungeons & Dragons, and will be coming to the streaming service of Crunchyroll later this month. Following the anime group of warriors and sorcerers who spend an inordinate amount of time laying waste to low level goblins that have the ability to commit atrocities all the same, definitely adding its own flavor to the formula that has made its way across a number of anime series.

Anime franchises such as Sword Art Online, The Rising of the Shield Hero, and Overlord are just a few of the series in the medium that have brought to life a number of dark encounters within a fantasy world that feels as if it were torn from a role playing game, with Goblin Slayer finding a way to add its own unique flavor to the proceedings. With the first season already being available to watch on Crunnchyroll, and only twelve episodes making up the franchise, there is definitely time to play catch up if you're interested in following the series.

Goblin Slayer Goblins Crown Crunchyroll
(Photo: White Fox)

The official description for Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown from Crunchyroll reads as such:

""Please find any information on the Noble Fencer that disappeared after leaving to slay some goblins." Goblin Slayer and his party head up to the snowy mountains in the north after receiving that request from the Sword Maiden. A small village gets attacked, they encounter a mysterious chapel, and something about how these goblins are acting bothers the Goblin slayer. "I'm going to take back everything that I've lost!" In order to save the captured Noble Fencer, the Goblin Slayer and his party head to an ancient fortress covered in snow to face off with a powerful foe and a horde of goblins!"

A second season for Goblin Slayer has yet to be confirmed, but there is definitely source material for a continuation of the anime to follow should they decide to dive back into it following the movie's release into theaters and on to Crunchyroll!


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