Godzilla Launches 4K Blu-ray Ahead of New MonsterVerse Movie

2021 will see Godzilla defending his current status as King of the Monsters against the ruler of Skull Island in this March's Godzilla Vs Kong, and to take fans back into the past of Legendary Pictures' "Monster-Verse", a new 4K release for the movie that started things off will be released in 2014's Godzilla. Starring the likes of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson, and Elisabeth Olsen, this movie gave North America a new take on the Lizard King that kicked off a monstrous franchise!

Legendary Pictures shared the details about the new home video release that will land on March 23rd, giving fans of the Monster-Verse a chance to revisit the introduction of this new take on the King of the Monsters who is prepping for his battle against the most famous killer primate. Pre-orders are live here at Best Buy in both standard and exclusive SteelBook editions. The standard edition is also available here on Amazon.

The upcoming release will come with the following special features, for those wondering what kaiju related bonuses will come with this 4K release:

"Operation: Lucky Dragon (2:44): A "vintage" film about the origins of Monarch and the group's first encounters with Godzilla.

MONARCH: The M.U.T.O. File (4:29): A "modern" piece that looks at the fictional history of M.U.T.O. since the 1940s.

The Godzilla Revelation (7:25): A "TV Documentary" that recaps events depicted in the film and pieces together the larger story from the perspective of a researcher not privy to all the facts from the outset.

Godzilla: Force of Nature (19:18): Cast and crew look back on the franchise's origins, the parallels with modern history, building a serious film, creature design, photographic style and the importance of perspective, digital effects construction, ensuring proper scale, the film's drama, Gareth Edwards' style, and more.

A Whole New Level of Destruction (8:24): A closer look at sets and shooting locations and the making of several key moments of destructive mayhem, including practical and digital elements.

Into the Void: The H.A.L.O. Jump (5:00): The filmmakers take audiences inside the making of one of the film's iconic scenes, including pre-visualization, practical and digital elements, and sound.

Ancient Enemy: The M.U.T.O.s (6:49): A look at the M.U.T.O.s role in the film, their physical design, and creature sound design."

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