Godzilla Gets a Super Mario Makeover with Bowser Mash-Up

Japan has a thing for big monsters, so it was only a matter of time before Bowser was introduced to Godzilla. The Nintendo icon is a kaiju in his own right, but his lackluster schemes turns Bowser into a joke more often than not. Compared to Godzilla, it is hard to qualify Mario's nemesis as a threat, but that is all changing thanks to Bid Toys.

After all, the Japanese brand has come up with a vinyl figure that mashes together Bowser and Godzilla. The soft figure was unveiled the other day by Bid Toys, and it shows Bowser transformed into a new beast known as Koopara, and they are clearly modeled after Godzilla.

From the toy's color palate to its back fines, this Bowser screams Godzilla. The look appears to be based on the original design of Godzilla which showed up following the second World War. Now, fans can collect this Nintendo x Toho crossover starting this month.

godzilla bowser mario
(Photo: Bid Toys)

Well, that is if you are in Japan. Bid Toys plans to make a special announcement about this figure on April 29, so we are not far from the reveal. Fans are hoping this figure will ship out before the holidays, and they will surely get its matching pair. After lal, Bid Toys plans on releasing an Ultraman x Nintendo figure starring the one and only Mario.

As we shared the other day, Mario is getting his own vinyl figure which gives him an tokusatsu makeover. The Italian plumber is painted metallic all over while his overalls take on a red hue. Complete with yellow eyes, Mario looks like the spitting image of Ultraman... if you can disregard his facial hair, that is. Mario wouldn't budge when it came to shaving his iconic mustache, but Koopara may singe the hair off for him.

Now, if I might suggest a thing or two, Bid Toys might want to look into some other Godzilla crossover pieces. Ghidorah and Piranha Plant? Rodan and Koopa Troopa? We would love to see those figures come to life!


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