This Cloud Looks So Much Like Godzilla It's Scary

It's been said there are few disasters as unimaginable as Godzilla, but there are many who still try to picture the behemoth anyways. That is unless you happen to be the person who spotted the kaiju in the clouds this year. Over on Twitter, a now-viral post is making the rounds after capturing Godzilla on camera, but the cloudy beast seems unlikely to cause chaos... for the time being.

Over on Reddit, the user willgravedigger posted a photo that made netizens around the world do a double-take. The photo documents a cloud that the user spotted while outside near sunset. The cloud shape is hard to miss, and even the most obstinate cloud watchers admit they can see Godzilla here.

If you need a bit of help, the figure is standing behind a mountain in the distance with its northernmost tip making Godzilla's head. From the top-down, the monster's head is parted at the lefthand end as if Godzilla were ready to let out a roar. The rest of its hulking body is nebulous, and Godzilla is certainly rocking a massive tail towards the bottom right. And when judging its size against the mountain for scale, well - you can see this might be the tallest kaiju ever recorded.

Godzilla Cloud from r/interestingasfuck

Obviously, some people will see different things when cloud watching, but it is hard to ignore this shape's similarities to Godzilla. In fact, this might be the closest we will ever get to have a real life-sized kaiju spawn in our world. That is certainly worth gossiping about, so you can understand why this once-in-a-lifetime photo has been shared tens of thousands of times. And to be honest, most fans are hoping this ominous cloud isn't foreshadowing bad news to come ahead in 2020...

What do you think about this viral photo? Do you see something within the shape other than a kaiju?Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.