Godzilla vs Kong Charges Towards Biggest Domestic Opening Amidst Pandemic

Godzilla vs Kong is less than 24 hours away from its debut in the United States, so you can say fans are hyped for the premiere. The movie promises to be one of the first big releases to go live in the wake of accelerated vaccination efforts by the government. With theaters reopening all over the country, all eyes are on the MonsterVerse for good news, and it seems the box office predictions will not disappoint.

As shared by Deadline earlier today, it looks like Godzilla vs Kong is heading for a $20-30 million USD opening. The five-day opening will pair with the current $123 million Godzilla vs Kong has accrued at the global box office. So if the film hits a solid stride, it may top $300 million overall.

godzilla vs kong
(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

For now, fans will have to wait and see how this movie shapes up in terms of box office. Deadline reports Godzilla vs Kong has booked more than 10,000 private screenings nationwide which tops the previous record set by Wonder Woman 1984. The monster movie will also have the aid of Regal behind it. The movie chain reached a deal with Warner Bros. to reopen select theaters which will push screenings to Godzilla vs Kong as well as Mortal Kombat later this spring.

Of course, there are some caveats with this data. Regal's reopening will be very limited, and Canada is not opening up theaters to the same extent of the United States. Still, Godzilla vs Kong will screen at 3000 locations which makes is the most of any movie since the pandemic got underway.

The movie industry's bounce back will not happen overnight with a single movie, but Godzilla vs Kong is paving the way for success. Warner Bros. is a the forefront of the push as Hollywood eyes a hopeful comeback this summer as theaters expand, so here's to hoping our favorite kaiju set a good tone for 2021.


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