Godzilla vs Kong to Release its Coolest Collectible Yet

Godzilla Vs. Kong is set to take the world by storm next month when it lands in theaters and on the streaming service of HBO Max, seeing the two most popular kaiju finally hash out their differences via fangs, claws, and fists, and a figure is being released re-creating the current king of the monsters in one of the best kaiju collectibles to date. Though not nearly as tall as the giant lizard monster from which it is based, the figure from Bandai Spirits will give fans the opportunity to add a gorgeous new figure to their kaiju collection.

In the marketing material for the upcoming Legendary Pictures' movie we've seen so far, it seems as if Godzilla is the aggressor in the long-awaited battle, with humanity attempting to figure out what has caused the lizard king to go on a rampage when he was previously, at the least, indifferent to humanity. With Kong appearing to form a bond with a small girl who approaches him on Skull Island, it seems as if the larger than life primate might be humanity's only hope for survival and he's making sure to pack some serious heat as scenes have featured Kong wielding a brutal new battle-ax.

Kaiju News Outlet shared a first look at the new upcoming figure produced by Bandai Spirits, standing at around eight inches tall and ready to buy this July, a few months following the arrival of the crossover kaiju film that may mark Legendary Pictures' last venture into the "Monster-Verse" for the time being:

The future for Godzilla is up in the air currently, as no announcements have been made in the East or the West when it comes to future adventures of the lizard king on the big screen. North American kaiju fans shouldn't worry, however, as the reigning king will be landing this year on Netflix via the new anime series, Godzilla: Singular Point.

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