Godzilla vs Kong Writer Teases the MonsterVerse's Next Steps

Godzilla vs Kong made its big debut this year, and it helped usher in the early days of the box office's bounce back. Now, all eyes are on the series to see how Legendary's MonsterVerse continues, and there are plans in place to carry on the franchise. Now, the writer on Godzilla vs Kong is touching on that future, and Max Borenstein seems pretty optimistic about what all is in the pipe.

The update came from the screenwriter himself as he did an interview with ScreenRant recently. It was there Borenstein hedged expectations, but the writer said some "exciting things" are happening behind the scenes.

Godzilla vs Kong
(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

"I've heard some exciting things that are happening that I can't divulge. They have a great handle on things there and I certainly have thoughts and am always excited when I get involved in them. I think it's in good hands and with the success of Godzilla vs. Kong, there will be some new, interesting installments coming," he explained.

"Without being able to say any of that officially, you can look at the fact that that film performed and people really responded to it. I think it was really wonderful timing for people to have that towards the end of that surge in the pandemic, people really felt eager to see something that was fun and joyful in the cinema and it was really exciting to have our movie be that movie."

As you can see, Borenstein is staying quiet about any specifics, but there are plans churning in the background. This is hardly surprising given how successful the MonsterVerse has been at the box office. While reviews have been hit or miss, its films have raked in tons of money. Godzilla brought in $529 million USD while Kong: Skull Island did similarly at $566 million. Even Godzilla vs Kong grossed $465.8 million despite the pandemic, so the audience is there. Now, the only thing left to find is the right story.


Want to watch Godzilla vs Kong? The movie is available now on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra-HD, and Digital HD. HBO Max will resume streaming the film starting August 17.

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