Godzilla vs Kong Sets Pandemic Record with Opening Weekend Gross

Godzilla vs Kong made its debut last week, and all eyes have been watching the box office to see [...]

Godzilla vs Kong made its debut last week, and all eyes have been watching the box office to see how the film would fare amidst the pandemic. As you can imagine, industry insiders are looking to its gross as a measurement for how the box office may do this year domestically given expanded vaccination efforts against COVID-19. And according to the opening numbers, things look hopeful for the future.

According to Variety, the opening weekend for Godzilla vs Kong has made a record for the pandemic. The blockbuster managed to earn a solid $32 million USD this weekend for a total $48.5 million five-day opening. This is the biggest opening for any film domestically following the pandemic's declaration. Wonder Woman 1984 held the record art $16.7 million last December with Tom & Jerry challenging it this year at $14 million.

Godzilla Vs Kong Special Kaiju
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

Of course, this box office total doesn't account for the number of fans who watched Godzilla vs Kong at home. HBO Max is streaming the MonsterVerse movie and will do so for 31 days following its premiere. No numbers have been shared on part of the service, but social media chatter indicates that Godzilla vs Kong is a popular pick on HBO Max right about now.

Godzilla vs Kong is doing well at the box office, but as you can imagine, it is not the one-shot cure for Hollywood where the pandemic is concerned. As vaccination efforts ramp up in the United States, more theaters will open along with movies. More than 50% of cinemas have reopened domestically, but they are still running at a reduced capacity. Only time and research will tell movie lovers when those safety restrictions can be removed, but movies can still be enjoyed even with them around. And thanks to Godzilla vs Kong, the box office is feeling its first bit of hope since last spring.

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