Godzilla vs. Kong Officially Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes

Godzilla vs. Kong is riding high on Rotten Tomatoes with a certified fresh rating on the aggregate site. 217 reviews are in and the movie is sitting at 80%. That's nothing to sneeze at with multiple big projects over the last year having trouble reaching those heights. Warner Bros. decided to make these massive movies release on the same day at home and in theaters. That decision continues to pay off for their studio. When developing the Monsterverse, this is probably what they had in mind. Now, it will be interesting to see how they move forward with this franchise. There are some clear sequel hooks in Godzilla vs. Kong and different routes it can go. Doubters might not have believed this experiment was going to pan out back when Godzilla got rebooted recently, or when Skull Island dropped. But, this kind of critical consensus is hard to poke holes in without some strange logic.

If you're looking for a director's cut though, Adam Wingard joined Comic Book Nation and poured some cold water on that notion. "No Snyder Cut for me. This is it," he explained. "A lot of the fans online were all asking me is this going to be a three-hour film? When it was announced that it was a little under two hours they immediately thought — when is the director's cut coming out?"

Comicbook.com's Charlie Ridgely reviewed the movie for our site. He was wholly impressed with Godzilla vs. Kong:

"Finally." When a friend texted me after I told them that I'd just seen Godzilla vs. Kong, they asked me for a one-word review of the film, to assure that nothing could be spoiled. "Finally" was the first thing that came to mind. It was the only word I could think of for a time. I also want to be clear: I don't mean "finally, the first good movie in the MonsterVerse." 2014's Godzilla is absolutely stellar and Kong: Skull Island is a ton of fun. Godzilla vs. Kong isn't the first film in the franchise I'd consider "good," but it is the one to finally deliver on the action and mayhem that fans have been hoping to see from the very beginning, and it's the first of the series to offer something for every mega-monster lover.


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