Godzilla vs Kong Skips a Post-Credits Scene for an Important Reason

In this day and age, it is all but expected for blockbusters to have post-credits scenes. From Marvel to Star Wars and beyond, the treat has become an expected piece of any franchise, and the same goes for the MonsterVerse. The series has put out its fair number of post-credits scenes to date, but the director of Godzilla vs Kong said he avoided adding one for a very important reason.

The discussion came from Collider as the site spoke with director Adam Wingard not too long ago. It was there the filmmaker addressed the movie's lacking post-credits scene, and Wingard said no one felt the addition was needed given the MonsterVerse's uncertain future.

Godzilla Vs Kong
(Photo: Warner Bros Entertainment)

"If we're gonna make a sequel, let's figure out what that is based on what people like and don't like," Wingard said after admitting the franchise is at a crossroads of sorts.

Of course, Wingard is very correct in this regard. The director is the most recent to touch the MonsterVerse, and he could be the last. Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary have given no word on whether this franchise will continue. Dating back to 2014 with Godzilla, the MonsterVerse has been met with mostly praise since its debut, but it hasn't uncovered blowout success like that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the MonsterVerse is hugely lucrative, its big budgets and licensing restrictions would push the franchise to an early grave following Godzilla vs Kong. If that is the case, a post-credits scene would be unfair to fans. And if there is more to come, well - Wingard is right in saying that the franchise needs a fresh start for round two.


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