Godzilla vs Kong's Runtime Has Reportedly Surfaced Online

Godzilla vs. Kong's runtime has reportedly surfaced online! The climax of the Monsterverse will be [...]

Godzilla vs. Kong's runtime has reportedly surfaced online! The climax of the Monsterverse will be hitting theaters and HBO Max later this month, and the fight between the titular titans has kept fans guessing over how exactly it's going to end. But while that is already a huge deal, one thing fans have also wondered is just how long the fourth film in the Monsterverse quadrilogy was going to be. With a fight like this, there's the hope that it's going to last long enough to truly have impact. Whether or not that's the case is still in question, but now there's an idea of just how long this new film is going to be as Godzilla vs. Kong's runtime has reportedly made its way online.

According to AlloCine, a well-known French website, the run time for Godzilla vs Kong is being reported as one hour and 53 minutes. This means the total run time clocks at 113, so that is a fairly substantial number.

godzilla vs kong
(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

Of course, some fans were expecting the movie to have a juicer run time. The theory amongst most fans labeled the epic as two hours or longer, but that is not the case. Still, this may just work out in our favor. The number one complaint about the MonsterVerse so far has been its pacing. Fans are adamant in their desire for more monster mayhem and less human-on-human drama. A shorter run time may streamline those desires, so we're crossing our fingers for Godzilla vs Kong.

And overall, this run time seems to be the longest of the MonsterVerse yet. Kong: Skull Island clocked in at 118 minutes while Godzilla ended at 123 minutes. Most recently, Godzilla: King of the Monsters hit put at 113, so Godzilla vs Kong looks like it will be in-between here. That makes sense given the fact it has two monsters to contend with, so fans will be able to see how this run time is used before too much longer!

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