Godzilla vs Kong to Release Special VR Experience

Godzilla Vs. Kong is set to arrive next month in theaters and on the streaming service of HBO Max, and the next Legendary Pictures' entry of the "Monster-Verse" is celebrating in a big way with a virtual reality experience that is set to launch later this year, giving fans a brand new way to experience the ultimate battle of the kaiju. Though we have yet to learn just where this virtual reality experience will land, with there being plenty of options out there for kaiju fans to experience this first-hand, it's clear this is a giant monster fan's dream come true.

The next Legendary Pictures' entry into the world of the "Monster-Verse" might be its last, with no plans currently revealed for the future of these versions of the current king of the monsters and the monarch of Skull Island. With this new experience also offering fans an original story that is separate from the movie dropping next month, it's clear that this virtual reality experience will further explore the world created by Warner Bros Entertainment.

Twitter User Omega Gormaru shared these initial plans for the special virtual reality experience, which will apparently be a game that will allow players to jump into the world of Godzilla and Kong as they battle for supremacy in a world of kaiju that is teeming with terrors around every corner:

As mentioned earlier, we aren't sure as to whether or not the "Monster-Verse" will continue past the titanic crossover dropping this March, though we know more than a few kaiju fans would love to dive further into this world of giant monsters. While it isn't confirmed as to whether or not MechaGodzilla will be making landfall in this movie, fans have been spotting Easter Eggs in the promotional material for the blockbuster film.

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