Godzilla Vs Power Rangers Confirms Existence of Mighty Morphin' Locale In MonsterVerse

The Power Rangers have fought the likes of DC's premier super-team and the four teenage turtles named Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Rapheal, and Donatello, but now, the teenagers with attitude are taking on what might be their biggest opponent in Godzilla. With the new crossover comic book hitting stores earlier this week, it seems that the two universes have more in common with the first issue revealing that a major locale for the Power Rangers actually exists in the world of the MonsterVerse.            

The five-issue mini-series saw Rita Repulsa and her forces raiding an ancient temple, coming across a mysterious gem that teleported her and her crew to the original universe that spawned Godzilla and the kaiju that have been battling for decades. With Tommy the Green Ranger attempting to stop their reign of terror, he too is teleported to the MonsterVerse, though Rita and her band of misfits realize that they have landed in a familiar locale. Angel Grove, the home of the Power Rangers where they fight most of their larger-than-life foes, actually does exist in Godzilla's universe, though it seems to have been destroyed thanks to a fight between Godzilla and Megalon.

(Photo: Boom Studios)

The official description for this titanic tussle from Boom Studios reads as such:

"When Rita Repulsa uses an ancient artifact to transport herself to a universe without Power Rangers, she finds herself in a world with aliens, kaiju, and… Godzilla! Hoping to annihilate this new foe, Rita hurls her own terrible creatures into battle. But she never expects that the Rangers have followed her to this alternate reality, pitting the Dinozords themselves head-to-head with the King of the Monsters!" 

Boom Studios has put the Power Rangers up against some wild foes in the past, with the heroes of Angel Grove fighting against the likes of the Justice League and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With Godzilla already nearly destroying Tommy's Dragonzord, the other five Rangers have hit the scene, promising that the kaiju battle is about to get that much more out of control.

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