Gundam PSA Reminds Us All to Work Together During This Difficult Time

Life is difficult for many these days, but the folks behind Gundam don't want mankind to lose faith. The sci-fi series has put out a new public service announcement that aims to reconnect humanity to its shared cause. There is nothing as important as bringing mankind together these days in light of global turmoil, and this PSA aims to remind fans of that truth.

The video, which can be found above, was shared on Youtube by the GundamInfo page. The official channel mostly hosts episodes of various Gundam anime, but it went off schedule with a recent upload. After all, the video 'Messages from Gundam "Beyond"' brings together heroes from the franchise to wish us all good luck amongst the pandemic.

The video begins with a visit to various heroes from the Gundam franchise. This tracks with the Gundam Beyond series as it follows the protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn as they traverse space and time. This allows the hero to meet others like them from previous series, and these icons have nothing but good things to tell humanity about the rewards of perseverance.

gundam beyond
(Photo: GundamInfo)

"Humanity isn't just for show," one of the heroes calls out. "These days we're all passing together will create the future."

"It's time for all of us to be of one mind and work hard to restore our regular life. Let's see the strength of the bonds between people's souls. This is the time to show the light of the human heart," the video continues.


Between the pandemic and political unrest, this PSA hits deep as it calls on humanity to find a common denominator to lead upon. The necessity of 'we' often overrides the desire of self, and Gundam makes that point clear in this PSA. So as we all move forward into this year, let's keep this poignant message in our hearts.

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