Congresswoman Continues Gundam Pitch with Some Spot-on Artwork

Mobile Suit: Gundam has been in the news a lot recently following its fortieth anniversary and the building of a "Walking Gundam" statue that is a life sized creation that will walk across the ground of Japan, and recently, a US Congress woman has shared art that imagines her as a pilot of the anime mech suits! Ilahn Omar is currently the congress woman for Minnesota's fifth congressional district, and it's clear that she has a love for the anime series as she has shared said art work that imagines her as a member of the beloved franchise.

Mobile Suit: Gundam is closer than ever to unveiling the life sized statue in Japan, having tested out the "Walking Gundam's" ability to walk along the ground, and while it won't be flying though the air any time soon, it shows how far technology has come and how beloved the anime franchise. Though Gundam was going to have a big splash as part of the 2020 Summer Olympics, the coronavirus pandemic had other things in mind and caused the legendary event to be pushed back. With the Summer Olympics to have held an event with the Gundam Satellite, conveying messages from outer space with a satellite that had two Gundam plastic models aboard, we're crossing our fingers that this is still in the cards for the franchise!

Ilhan Omar shared this amazing fan art via her Official Twitter Account, imagining herself as the pilot of the classic Gundam suit that helped usher in the legendary mech franchise into the minds of anime fans throughout the decades of the series' history:

The next big anime project in Mobile Suit Gundam is the feature length film of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash, which will take us back into the original world of the anime that was established with characters like Amuro and Char. Though it was also delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the series shows no signs of stopping any time soon.


While there have been rumors about a live action Gundam movie being made in the west, there have yet to be any confirmation when it comes to casting or release dates for this potential anime adaptation!

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