Housing Complex C Announces English Voice Cast

Horror in the anime world isn't as prevalent as some other genres that fill the medium, though Toonami is looking to add a major series next month in Housing Complex C. Recently releasing a new trailer that dove further into the creepy atmosphere and story that will involve a coastal town dealing with some H.P. Lovecraft inspired creatures. Now, with the premiere inching closer on Cartoon Network, an English cast has been revealed for this supernatural series.  

Since the first trailer landed for the Toonami original, the horror story has kept its details under wraps when it comes to its story, though a recent trailer hints at a monstrous force that is threatening a small coastal town with shades of H.P. Lovecraft creatures featured. With the series set to come to life by Studio Akatsuki, Cartoon Network is certainly diving into new territory with this spooky story

In a new press release, Toonami revealed which English voice actors will help in bringing this spooky new series to life: 

"Featuring established voiceover talent from the world of anime and video games, the English voice cast for Housing Complex C also includes Sean Chiplock, Suzie Yeung, Doug Stone, Michael Sorich, Caitlin Glass, Janis Carroll, Bob Carter, and Ryan Colt Levy."

The official description of the upcoming horror series that will air on Toonami, while subsequently hitting HBO Max the following day, reads as such:

"Housing Complex C centers on Kimi (Huynh), who lives in a small housing complex in the sleepy seaside town of Kurosaki. But trouble seems to follow Kimi wherever she goes, and soon, horrific incidents begin to occur…is an ancient evil stalking the residents of Housing Complex C?"

Aside from Housing Complex C, Toonami is planning to dive further into the realm of anime originals, with the upcoming revival of FLCL, with not one, but two new seasons currently in production. While Uzumaki has yet to reveal a new release date following its indefinite hiatus, the footage that Cartoon Network has shared in the past has many fans confident that the adaptation is in good hands. 

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