Hunter x Hunter Needs to Break a Bad Streak ASAP

Hunter x Hunter has finally returned with new manga chapters, bringing back the Shonen hunters after they were away for over four years. With Yoshihiro Togashi taking a break to recover from his physical ailments, the series is still hounded by a noticeable hiatus in terms of the last time that fans were able to see some major characters in the franchise. Despite new installments arriving, there are still several questions surrounding the hunters that have yet to be answered.    

The Succession Contest Arc has focused on a war for supremacy amongst super-powered individuals that throw a giant monkey wrench into Gon and his friends' journey to the Dark Continent. With the chapters prior to the long hiatus seeing a civil war take place within the Phantom Troupe, as Hisoka finally had the opportunity to fight Chrollo in a battle that the card-slinging villain didn't expect to lose, Togashi is once again taking the opportunity to explore new territory via this universe fit to bursting with hunters. With past arcs such as the Greed Island and Chimera Ant Arcs throwing quite a few curveballs at fans, we'd expect no different during this latest fight for supremacy.

Gon And Killua When?

As pointed out by fans, Gon has been absent from Hunter x Hunter's manga for over eight years, with Killua being gone from Weekly Shonen Jump's pages for over a decade, meaning that the series still has to bring back its main characters to end this unique hiatus. Considering everything that has happened in the manga during their absence from the series, their return will definitely make for a major moment in the franchise.

Hunter x Hunter's manga might have returned but the Shonen's anime adaptation has had no word when it comes to a potential return, with the previous television series animated by Studio Madhouse of One-Punch Man fame. While the anime landscape is quite crowded at the moment with returning series and new favorites populating the medium, there would always be room for Yoshihiro Togashi's anime adaptation to make its long-awaited comeback.

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