JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Activates The Ripple With Caesar

In an age before Stands, the power of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was revolving around the power of the Ripple and the energy source known as Hamon, and one fan has decided to honor one of Battle Tendency's most well known Hamon users in Caesar! Caesar was ultimately murdered by the vampire Pillar Man known as Waamu, but his legacy continued in the Joestar of the second story line of Hirohiko Araki's time tested franchise in Joseph Joestar! Though Caesar might no longer be among the land of the living, expect the Zeppeli family to have an influence on the franchise moving forward!

Battle Tendency followed the adventures of a young Joseph Joestar, the grandfather of Jotaro Kujo who also was an important part in the seasons of Stardust Crusaders and Diamond Is Unbreakable. When Kars and his fellow Pillar Men were attempting to capture the Red Stone of Aja in order to allow them to not be destroyed by the son, Joseph was joined by a member of the Zeppeli family. The Zeppeli and Joestar clans have been linked since the first season of Hirohiko Araki's anime franchise, with Jonathan Joestar getting much-needed assistance from the master of the Ripple at the time, Will Anthonio Zeppeli!

Instagram Cosplayer Inna Perina shared this impressive member of the Zeppeli family who acted as a big boost to Jonathan Joestar, managing to master the power of Hamon in his own unique way, which unfortunately wasn't enough for him to ultimately defeat Waamu and his ability to manipulate the winds:

While JoJo fans shouldn't expect to hear or see much from the Zeppeli in the next season of the anime, Stone Ocean, they will have a big role to play when we eventually see the arrival of the season covering the Steelball Run saga via the David Production anime! In the alternate reality of the Steelball Run, competitors race across the country in an attempt to win a prize that would fulfill their deepest desires, with the main member of the Zeppeli family arriving in the form of Gyro Zeppeli, a definite fan-favorite character that has yet to hit the anime proper!

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