JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Creator Reveals Godzilla Influence

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure might have decades of history under its belt, with the anime franchise created by Hirohiko Araki first beginning in the 1980s, but it certainly doesn't have as much history as the king of the monsters himself, Godzilla. Recently, following the conclusion of JoJolion, Araki had the opportunity to talk about how the lizard king, and the monster fighting behemoth known as Ultraman, had an effect on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and the work that he's done throughout his career as a mangaka and telling stories of heroes fighting against villains.

In Volume 27 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion, Araki had this to say about how the kaiju helped influence his career as an artist and weaving stories in which Stand battles were a regular occurrence in the lives of his characters:

"Who's stronger, Godzilla or Ultraman? That's always been on my mind ever since I fantasized about it as a child. Even when writing JoJo, this type of topic is not something I can avoid. Who is the strongest villain? What is strength and what is peak fortune? I've decided that the strongest and most terrifying adversary one can face is called 'calamity'. Calamity attacks irrationally, but is actually bound by a certain logic, and will encroach every person equally. It's too powerful and trying to overcome it might in itself be beyond hope. This is the conclusion of JoJolion."

JoJolion was the longest-running part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, bringing its story to a close after ten years of Josuke Higashikata's story being told. Luckily for Joestar fans, the series is far from over as it will be receiving a mini-series revisiting older members of the franchise, along with a new story in the ninth part of the franchise in JoJo Lands. 

Godzilla's future is much cloudier than JoJo's with a new movie not being confirmed in either the West or the East for the lizard king, following Legendary Pictures' titanic crossover that saw him fighting against the ruler of Skull Island in Godzilla Vs. Kong.


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Via JoJo Wiki