Jujutsu Kaisen Drops Hilarious Super Smash Bros. Reference

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the hottest anime airing right now, and its supernatural vibe has fans deeply invested. Yuji, Megumi, and the gang have amassed fans the world over in just a matter of episodes. Most recently, fans welcomed the fifth episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, and it was there fans got an idea of what Nobara Kugisaki does in her downtime... which is gaming.

The heroine might be an all-power sorcerer, but there is more to the girl than meets the eye. The first-year student has a lot on her plate thanks to Yuji and Megumi, but things boiled over in episode five. After all, she is forced to part ways with one of her fiends, but she gets livened up when her seniors ask for her to take part in an event.

The scene in question shows Nobara consider the request, and she begins to speculate what the event is about. She immediately hopes the event features a Super Smash Bros. tournament so she can show up everyone there.

Well, if the Wii version of the game is available that is. Nobara is not versed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but she is confident she can take someone down if the Wii game is available.


This hilarious reference is one of many that Jujutsu Kaisen had made, and it makes it feel all the more relevant to fans. Jennifer Lawrence has been name dropped in the anime already, and Super Smash Bros. is the latest to get mentioned. Sure, these nods might not age the best, but fans are loving the references right now. And given Nobara's love for Yu Yu Hakusho, it will not take long for the secret geek to spill more nerdy nods!

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