Jujutsu Kaisen May Have One of Anime's Most Broken Fighters Ever

Jujutsu Kaisen is about to wrap up its first action-packed anime series, and its clear that one of [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen is about to wrap up its first action-packed anime series, and its clear that one of the breakout stars of the series has been the teacher of Jujutsu Tech, Satoru Gojo, but fans have noticed that the fan-favorite sensei might be a bit too overpowered for his own good. With a new arc involving Yuji and his friends attempting to fight what might be the most powerful curse they've ever faced, Gojo isn't around to help them, which just goes to show the overwhelming power of the teacher who always wears a blindfold into battle.

Fans were astonished recently when the action-packed arc, The Sister School Event, came to a close thanks entirely to the insane power level of Gojo, who ended the battles between Jujutsu Tech and the cursed beings that were unleashed upon them through the efforts of villain Mahito. Though Mahito and his crew were ultimately successful in pulling off the heist to gain some cursed items to add to their arsenal, Gojo unleashed an amount of cursed energy that had devastated the environment around them and nearly killed a number of villains that were proving too much to handle for students like Yuji and his pals.

Twitter User Prideful Sin got the ball rolling on the discussion that had many netizens on social media talking about how Jujutsu Kaisen's Satoru Gojo might be a little too powerful for his own good, being able to completely wrap up storylines thanks to his own cursed energy:

In recent interviews, the creator of the Shonen franchise, Gege Akutami, discussed different aspects of the popular figure in Gojo, one of the most interesting being why the teacher of Jujutsu Tech constantly wears a blindfold and how he is able to "see" in spite of it. Gojo's cursed energy allows him to "see" by giving him outlines of figures and environments that are around him, almost acting better than what he could get through his regular vision. It's clear that when Gojo removes his blindfold however that all bets are off as his full power can be unleashed.

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