Jujutsu Kaisen to Release New Limited Edition Blu-ray

Jujutsu Kaisen's first season has helped push the Shonen series by Gege Akutami to the top of the charts, with the prequel movie becoming one of the biggest in the world of anime. With the series having a panel at this year's Anime Expo, Viz Media took the opportunity to reveal that a new limited edition Blu-Ray will collect the first episodes of the first season that introduced us to the likes of Yuji Itadori, his fellow classmates at Jujutsu Tech, and the teachers that are looking to forge a new generation of curse hunters. 

Jujutsu Kaisen can currently be streamed on Crunchyroll and HBO Max, with the story of the series following the young protagonist Yuji Itadori as he attempts to fight supernatural beings known as curses while harboring the king of the curses, Sukuna, within his own body. Though the prequel movie for the franchise didn't feature Yuji Itadori but instead followed the life of the young cursed energy wielder, Yuta Okkotsu, that didn't stop it from becoming one of the biggest anime movies of all time, with it hitting the top ten when it comes to the amount of money that it was able to bring in from its global theatrical run.

Viz Media used its Official Twitter Account to share the news outside of Anime Expo that Jujutsu Kaisen would be receiving a limited-edition blu-ray early next year, allowing fans to dive back into the world of Jujutsu Tech or experience the animated adaptation from Studio MAPPA for the first time:

When the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen arrives next year, it will have plenty of events to follow from the manga, with events like the Culling Game and Shibuya Incident Arc set to have a major impact on Yuji and his friends. On top of the new arcs, there will definitely be some returns from Jujutsu Kaisen 0, and while the movie might have taken place in the past, viewers will definitely see some ramifications from the story of Yuta Okkotsu arrive in the upcoming episodes. 


Will you be picking up this limited edition Blu-ray set in 2023? What events are you most looking forward to in season two of the supernatural Shonen series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Jujutsu Tech.