Junji Ito Gives His Take On The Eternal Horror Question: Freddy Or Jason

In a recent interview for Comic Con 2020, Junji Ito was asked a number of fan questions not just regarding his own work, but about the world of horror in general, with one fan asking the master of horror manga who he prefers, the Springwood Slasher from A Nightmare on Elm Street or the hockey masked juggernaut of Friday The 13th? Though the two had officially squared off in the feature length film of Freddy Vs Jason, fans will still debate to this day which of these two horror icons is the best and who would win in a fight!

Both the franchises that involve Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees have gone through rough patches recently in terms of no new films on the horizon for either franchise, but that hasn't stopped their bloody legacy from continuing. Normally, outside of the number of films you can find them both in, each slasher appears in video games that allows you to take control of the movie monsters or play teenagers running from their swath of violence. Freddy appears in the game called Dead By Daylight, while Jason appears in his own game, appropriately titled Friday The 13th The Game. Though Ito has never worked on either of these characters before, it would definitely be interesting to see how his art work would bring them to life.

During the interview at Comic Con 2020, Ito was asked who he preferred of the two slashers and Junji responded that he preferred Freddy Krueger. Surprisingly it's not due to Freddy's witty banter, stylish red and green sweater, or iconic brown hat, but rather, Ito expressed his fondness of the character's glove, with his long blades being an iconic part of the Nightmare on Elm Street series to this date.

Both Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street were given reboots years ago that looked to re-ignite each franchise, but unfortunately, whether it was due to rights issues or lack of box office receipts, neither new series, with new actors playing the antagonists, was able to last long. Again, there has been no news about each horror franchise coming back but movie monsters do have a habit of returning from the grave!


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