Junji Ito Enters The World of High Fashion With New Clothing Line

Junji Ito has proved himself to be one of the best masters of horror around, creating countless [...]

Junji Ito has proved himself to be one of the best masters of horror around, creating countless scary stories that have permeated the consciousnesses of manga and anime fans alike, but it seems as if the mangaka is once again entering some familiar territory by taking some of his spookiest creations and helping to make a clothing line. With anime fans excited for the upcoming Adult Swim adaptation that will translate Ito's classic story of Uzumaki to a brand new generation, the horror mangaka is set to find even more fans when the anime drops in the fall of next year.

Junji Ito's creations have arrived on a number of different pieces of attire throughout the years, with Crunchyroll recently partnering up with the master of horror to create a unique line of attire. For this upcoming line, Ito has partnered with S'YTE, which the creator has done in the past, to create a number of pieces to show off the twisted creatures that he has made over the years in brand new ways. This third line features the succubus known as Tomie as well as the terrifying creatures known as the Hanging Balloons, allowing fans of Junji Ito to look stylish while also scaring people to death at the same time.

The Official Twitter Account for S'YTE shared the new looks at the clothing line from Junji Ito which will release later this month, allowing anime fans and clothing enthusiasts alike to wear some terrifying creations from the world of manga and anime on their sleeve:

The latest work of Junji Ito is the manga short story Sensor, which focuses on a cosmic entity that is terrorizing the general population as one woman attempts to make her way through an environment of loose hairs that make the scenario even creepier. While there are no rumors of Sensor becoming an anime series any time soon, there is reportedly a new anime project in the works that is outside Adult Swim's upcoming project.

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