Keanu Reeves's Public Romance Sparks Cute Studio Ghibli Comparison

Over the weekend, the Internet came together to gush over Keanu Reeves once again. The actor has been on a high following his part in John Wick: Chapter 3. Lovingly dubbed 'The Internet's Boyfriend', Reeves has gotten a slew of good press, and fate smiled on his yet again as of late.

Reeves made headlines last week after he made a rare public appearance with girlfriend Alexandra Grant. The actor and the L.A.-based artist have been friends for some time, but they kept their romance under the radar for some time. Now, the adorable couple have stepped out to the delight of fans, and one noticed something super adorable about the pair.

After all, Reeves and Grant could pass for a Studio Ghibli couple, and their similarities have fans feeling all of the emotions.

Taking to Twitter, user Richmond_Lee posted the comparison that has gone viral. The fan compared a picture of Reeves and Grant together to a still from Howl's Moving Castle. Sophie and Howl took the front spot, and fans are loving how much alike the duos look.

Sophie and Grant share a gorgeous shade of silver hair, and their penchant for blue dresses are spot on. As for Reeves, he shares the mysterious air which Howl brought to Studio Ghibli, and their classic looks suit both men perfectly.

As Reeves and Grant continue to navigate their relationship, fans are wishing the best for the talented pair. If all works out, they will get a happy ending much like Sophie and Howl, but the direction the couple goes from there is all up to them. Just, maybe the star couple should avoid anyone claiming to be the Witch of the Waste...


If you want to see more of Studio Ghibli, you will be able to find the company's library on HBO MAX before long. You can learn more about Howl's Moving Castle in particular through its official synopsis below:

"Sophie, a quiet girl working in a hat shop, finds her life thrown into turmoil when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. The vain and vengeful Witch of the Waste, jealous of their friendship, puts a curse on Sophie and turns her into a 90-year-old woman. On a quest to break the spell, Sophie climbs aboard Howl's magnificent moving castle and into a new life of wonder and adventure. But as the true power of Howl's wizardry is revealed, Sophie finds herself fighting to protect them both from a dangerous war of sorcery that threatens their world."