King of Fighters Shares First Look at Animated Film

In the world of fighting games within the medium of video games, the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat might rein supreme, but that doesn't mean we can't explore some of the other digital tournaments that have been taking place for players over the years as the King of Fighters is making its way to the screens with an upcoming CG animated adaptation! Originally debuting in the 90s with a game that acted as a Neo-Geo cross over between the franchises of Fatal Fury and The Art Of Fighting, the series has endured to this day with new entries continuing to hit consoles.

The tournament itself in the story of this popular game series, also titled King of Fighters, takes a number of different colorful characters that were originally beholden to the long defunct console known as the Neo-Geo, and a number of arcades that fans could test out their skills against fellow gamers. The latest full entry of the series, King of Fighters XIV, was released on the Playstation 4 in 2016, and while a fifteenth entry has been hinted at, a release date for the next entry in this beloved franchise has yet to be pinned down for fans of the fighting game!

King of Fighters Movie 2022
(Photo: Joy Pictures)

The film, titled The King of Fighters: Awaken, will premiere in 2022, but has released a trailer that shows off one of the main fighters, and final boss, of the game of The King of Fighters' 96, will be using computer graphics to help bring to life a number of the SNK characters that have become well known in the fighting game community!

The King of Fighters and Fatal Fury are no strangers when it comes to the world of anime, with the latter getting a feature length film of its own back in the 90s and the former receiving an animated series in 2017 that went by the name of The King of Fighters: Destiny! With the roster of the King of Fighters having scores of colorful fighters over the years, there definitely won't be a lack of characters that can be used for this upcoming adaptation of the popular fighting game franchise created by SNK.

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