Kodansha Is Giving Away Select Manga Volumes for Free

Kodansha has been one of the most popular manga producers, responsible for printing major stories such as Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, and too many others to count. While the publishers have multiple series that are available to purchase online, as well as buy physical copies, Kodansha is offering readers the opportunity to pick up hundreds of manga chapters for absolutely free. However, this deal isn't permanent and if you want to pick up manga chapters for free, you might want to act as soon as possible.

Kodansha has quite a long history when it comes to printing beloved franchises, as Kodansha manga have been circulating since the company opened its doors in 1910. For over one hundred years, Kodansha has been a part of Japan's pop culture realm, looking to give Shueisha, the publishers of Weekly Shonen Jump and owners of Viz Media, a run for its money. With the arrival of the internet, Kodansha has been able to grasp that much more of a hold on worldwide readers, releasing countless manga chapters online for anime fans to enjoy. With this new deal, Kodansha isn't offering entire manga series for free but rather, giving readers the opportunity to pick up countless first chapters to give them a hint as to what a series is about.

How To Get Free Manga

As stated earlier, there are almost too many series to count when it comes to this Kodansha deal, allowing fans to pick up manga chapters for free. Readers will have the opportunity to pick up the first chapters for two hundred and twenty-five different series but only have until March 27th to do so. If there's a manga series that Kodansha printed that you were interested in, now might be the best time to dip your toes into these manga worlds. 

It's hard to dispute that one of Kodansha's biggest series has been Attack on Titan, with the manga having already ended a few years ago and the anime adaptation looking to follow suit later this year. As the Scout Regiment has become a phenom in the anime world, anime fans are certainly keeping their eyes peeled to see if a "contender to the crown" will be able to match the Kodansha masterpiece. Based on the Titans' success rate, other Kodansha properties will have a high ladder to climb in hitting the same heights

Which manga will you give a shot with this Kodansha deal? What has been your favorite series published by the manga producers? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Kodansha.