Komi Can't Communicate Is Poised to Enter Its Final Arc

When it comes to rom-coms and anime, one name is standing above the rest, and it is Shouko Komi. For those who don't know, the heroine is the star of Komi Can't Communicate, a hit coming-of-age tale about a shy high schooler who wants to make friends. The slice of life tale has turned millions into fans, and now, it sounds like Komi Can't Communicate is closing on its final arc.

The upcoming comes from social media as popular pages like AniNewsAndFacts shared the report. At this time, Shogakukan hasn't said anything official about the manga nearing its final arc, but given the manga's place, fans would not be surprised by the rumor.

After all, a slice of life tale can only do so much, and Komi Can't Communicate has been going on for ages. The manga was first published under Tomohito Oda in May 2016. This means Komi has had over five years to reach her goal of making 100 friends, and she has all but completed the lofty goal.

And of course, Komi has gone the distance with her relationship with Tadano. The two became friends at the manga's start when Tadano vowed to help Komi make friends. Readers have followed the pair as they developed feelings for one another, and these days, the two are together. Despite some hurt feelings along the way, Komi and Tadano are dating, and the heroine has changed a lot between then and now.

Of course, fans will hate saying goodbye to Komi Can't Communicate, but the series will live on yet. After all, the story has gotten its own anime, and it has been met with rave reviews. Season one is set to end by December's close, and given its success, fans are confident Komi will be coming around for a second season.

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