Kyoto Animation Arsonist to Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation Following Arrest

It was not long ago that the suspect behind the deadly Kyoto Animation arson was arrested, and he [...]

It was not long ago that the suspect behind the deadly Kyoto Animation arson was arrested, and he will now be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation for well over a month following new orders. The report comes from The Mainichi as it confirmed the Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office asked for the evaluation this week once Shinji Aoba was arrested. After spending months in recovery, the suspect was taken in by police on May 27.

The suspect is slated to be evaluated until September 10. He will be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to determine how his mental health may have factored into his motivation for committing arson. It is expected Aoba will undergo his evaluation in Osaka as he is currently jailed there. Kyoto authorities were unable to detain the suspect as its detention center has been operating at half capacity due to ongoing COVID-19 conditions.

After the evaluation, prosecutors will be able to tell if Aoba is mentally competent to stand trial or even take responsibility for the crime he's accused of. A Judge must also determine whether Aoba is healthy enough to be indicted.


As for the crimes in which Aoba is accused, they stem back to last July when the suspect reportedly poured gasoline around Kyoto Animation's Studio 1 and entered the unlocked building before setting it ablaze. On that day 70 employees were at work, and a total of 36 died from the attack. The rest were injured to various degrees with several needing skin grafts and burn recovery specialists.

Aoba was found just outside the scene of the crime where he admitted to setting the building on fire. Police handed the suspect to medical workers as the suspect was gravely injured with burns covering 90% of his body. Aoba is still bound to a bed because of those injuries, but authorities finally arrested him in May after deeming the suspect well enough to speak with officers about his case.