Legend of Zelda Fan Spots Berserk Easter Egg

The Legend of Zelda recently made waves at the latest Nintendo Direct event with the announcement that Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was being brought back with a new remaster on the Nintendo Switch, and one fan has shockingly discovered an easter egg that seems to point at Guts and his Dragon Slayer from the anime franchise of Berserk. Though fans are still waiting to see just when news will break regarding the sequel to Breath of the Wild, it's clear that gamers are still diving into the original entry that added some big new dynamics to the world of Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda is a franchise that is steeped in magic, with elements like the Tri-Force and the Master Sword being recurring themes in the battle of Link and Zelda against Gannon and his evil forces. With most games focusing on alternate takes on the world of Hyrule, the same can't be said for the dark world of Berserk which has followed the story of Guts attempting to claim vengeance against Griffith, who sacrificed his friends to become a member of the all-powerful, demonic deities known as the Godhand. Berserk and The Legend of Zelda do hold something else in common whereas the end can't be seen for either story.

Reddit User Syan66 found this Easter Egg that definitely hints at one of the earliest descriptions of Guts' Dragon Slayer in the dark fantasy known as Berserk, which appeared to be closer to a "slab of metal" than a weapon, which appears to hold the same for this weapon wielded by Link:

Found while playing from r/Berserk

Berserk hasn't revealed any hints of a return to the world of anime, but the manga by Kentaro Miura is still marching forward, revealing new secrets of the dark world that is considered a favorite among many anime fans. The story of Guts has also ventured into the world of video games before, with Berserk And The Band of The Hawk, being the latest entry in the series. The franchise also has played a heavy role in influencing the aesthetic of the Dark Souls series, with several Easter Eggs being found in the difficult entries of said franchise.

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