Netflix's Lookism Announces New Release Date Following Delay

Webtoon has been a big supplier of anime adaptations as of late, with the South Korean comic publishers continuing to print new stories that are finding their way to the small screen at present. Netflix is looking to get into the Webtoon business with the streaming service set to release Looking, a unique anime series that involves a far bit of body swapping, was originally postponed earlier this year but has revealed a new release date that informs anime fans that the series is right around the corner.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Lookism, the upcoming anime series that will be exclusive to Netflix, it first hit the scene as a "Webtoon" comic in 2014 from creator Park Tae-joon. In the original comic, protagonist Park Hyung Seok is an obese, picked-on student that decides to leave his school to escape his daily torment, but inexplicably finds himself being given a surprising ability. Park can now switch his original body with that of a tall, handsome, and muscular form that he can switch between whenever one body falls asleep and the other is awake. Switching between both bodies gives the anime protagonist a new understanding of society as he attempts to navigate these two new worlds he now finds himself in.

Look At Lookism 

Netflix's Official Anime Twitter Account not only shared a new trailer for Lookism, but revealed that the anime would premiere on the streaming service's platform on December 8th, with the anime produced by Studio Mir of The Legend of Korra, Harley Quinn, and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf fame:

December will be a big month for anime for Netflix, not only thanks to Lookism, but also thanks to the arrival of the final episodes of Stone Ocean, as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure will be bringing its latest season to a close. 2023 will also be a big year for anime on the streaming service, as the likes of Aggretsuko, The Way of The House Husband, Record of Ragnarok, and more will be making comebacks. 

WebTOON has been a big supplier of anime adaptations as of late, with series such as Tower of God and Noblesse falling under this banner. 

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