Lupin the 3rd 3DCG Film Drops Special Dub Clip

Lupin The 3rd is one of the longest running anime franchises, following the adventures of the Gentleman Thief across countless episodes of anime and a handful of feature length films, and the series has just released a new English Dub clip that will tide folks over waiting for the CG film to hit North American shores. Lupin The 3rd The First follows a new adventure which takes place in the 1960s, focuing on the Gentleman Thief as he attempts to fulfill a heist that his grandfather, who was in a long line of thieves, was unable to accomplish.

Lupin The 3rd began in 1967 as a manga created by the prolific mangaka known as Monkey Punch, and found success thanks to over a dozen feature length films as well as countless anime episodes that helped propel the adventures of Lupin and his cast of misfits to the public eye. Lupin The 3rd The First is the first film in the anime franchise that uses computer graphics to help bring a new adventure to anime fans around the world. With the movie being brought to North America by GKIDs, the same company responsible for bringing movies like Weathering With You and Promare to the West, Lupin is definitely getting one of his best quests to date.

Lupin The Third The First
(Photo: TMS Entertainment)

While there has yet to be an official release date for the feature length film of the Lupin The 3rd series in North America, GKIDs states in this very clip that it is "coming soon" so fans in North America won't have to wait too much longer when it comes to the film that has gotten rave reviews in Japan.

The English cast of the film includes Tony Oliver as Lupin III; Richard Epcar as Daisuke Jigen; Lex Lang as Goemon Ishikawa; Michelle Ruff as Fujiko Mine; Doug Erholtz as Koichi Zenigata; Laurie C. Hymes as Laetitia; David Brimmer as Lambert; and Paul Guyet as Gerard. We're crossing our fingers that a new anime series featuring this amazing animation is eventually made, since Lupin The 3rd has never looked better and the reviews prove as much from everything we've seen!

Are you pumped to see Lupin The 3rd The First arrive in North America? What do you think of this new English Dub clip? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Gentleman Thief!