Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Adds Big Names To Cast

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation is bringing back the world of He-Man and the power of Eternia under the eye of legendary film-maker Kevin Smith, with a cast of voice actors that have already been revealed to be a stacked collection of names in Hollywood. With the likes of Mark Hamill, Lena Headey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Henry Rollins, and Jason Mewes just being a few names that are helping in creating this reboot/sequel to the original series, it's clear that Netflix is looking to add another big original animated series to their ever-expanding library.

In a recent press release, Netflix revealed that actors Dennis Haysbert, Adam Gifford, and Jay Tavare will be portraying the roles of King Grayskull, Vikor, and Wundar. While we don't know the roles for these characters in the upcoming series, these three characters have a rich history in the world of Eternia from the original series. King Grayskull was an ancestor to Prince Adam, and Vikor and Wundar were characters that existed long before Adam had gained the power to transform into He-Man. With the introduction of these characters in the series, it's clear that Kevin Smith and company have dived deep into the lore of Greyskull in order to help form their brand new animated series.

Netflix Geeked recently shared a brand new trailer for the upcoming Masters Of The Universe: Revelation series, giving animation fans a brand new look into Netflix's upcoming original series that is looking to give fans a brand new look into the world of Eternia:

Netflix recently saw success with their series She-Ra And The Princesses of Power, with five seasons under its belt before bringing its tenure on the streaming service to a close, and while Revelation is definitely going for a different style than the former, the two series are linked as their original series crossed over quite a few times. While we don't know if She-Ra will be making an appearance in this new season by Kevin Smith, it's clear that the series is diving deep into the world of Greyskull for its first season.


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