Mega Man's Cancelled Anime Resurfaces with Long-lost Artwork

Mega Man is easily one of the most recognizable video game characters to ever hit consoles, having first arrived on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, and it seems as if the "blue bomber" has re-emerged once again as artwork from his canceled anime series has surfaced! Though Megan Man did have his own animated series in the 1990s that followed the gun touting protagonist squaring off against Dr. Wily and his hoard of evil robots, this anime was originally set to give us a brand new take on the robotic warrior that has become a staple in video game history!

Developed by video game producers at Capcom, the same company responsible for the likes of the Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry franchises, Mega Man's latest entry, Mega Man 11, brought back the series with a vengeance. With Capcom releasing compilations from both the Mega Man and Mega Man X franchises, the tiny robot brawler who has the ability to absorb the powers of his enemies has definitely seen a resurgence in recent years. Though there's no word on the blue bomber returning to the world via an animated series, the world is definitely rife to be adapted once again considering the colorful cast of heroes and villains that populate the Capcom franchise!

Twitter User Proto Dude posted the long lost artwork from the defunct anime series, showing off what Mega Man, Wily, and the other robot fighters from this video game universe would look like were they to hit the small screen once again:

Mega Man didn't only appear in his own animated series, but also was a supporting character in the off beat animated series known as Captain N: The Game Master, which assembled a number of different video game characters from series such as Castlevania, Metroid, and others.

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