My Hero Academia Sets All Might and Izuku's Biggest Secret Free

My Hero Academia has shocked fans with its latest chapter. The story of Izuku Midoriya just took a sudden turn as the young would-be hero seemingly embraced the full potential of his One For All power. The latest arc of My Hero Academia's manga saw Deku left comatose after the hero/villain war, while his mind communed with the previous OFA users. That story ended with Deku passing the OFA users' test of heroism, which made the eight users finally unite and choose Midoriya as their greatest (and final) champion. Now Izuku is awake, and the secrets of One For All can no longer stay buried.

WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 306 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia is titled "The Final Act Begins" - although we don't learn that until the very last page. It's a fitting title, as it seems series creator Kohei Horikoshi is done holding back the bigger mysteries of the mythos - especially where One For All is concerned.

During the war, the power-boosted Tomura Shigaraki was driven by his All For One power to follow Izuku like a homing missile, and attempt to steal OFA from him. In order for Deku to protect the other heroes he made himself the red cape for the charging bull - but in order to do that, he had to let some of the top pro heroes know that he was Shigaraki's true target. Endeavor also got wind that Shigaraki was after something called "One For All," and once the heat of battle was over, he and No. 2 hero Hawks connected the dots that One For All and Deku were connected.

The previous chapters had dropped a cliffhanger moment where Hawks and Best Jeanist approached Izuku's hospital room to have their One For All questions finally answered. Midoriya is unconscious, but All Might decides that it's time to drop the shroud of secrecy: he tells Hawks and Jeanist that he'll tell them everything.

My Hero Academia 306 Spoilers Deku All Might OFA Connection Revealed Explained
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Kohei Horikoshi pulls several key aversions in this game-changing chapter of My Hero Academia. The first one is that we have no idea what All Might's conversation with Jeanist, Hawks (and presumably Endeavor) was all about. Days pass, and All Might, Hawks, Endeavor, Jeanist, and other leading figures of the pro hero world all seem to be on the same page, pushing a very clear strategy and a message about how they're going to save society from All For One's villain convict army. However, any mention of All For One is downplayed and avoided in public.


Izuku doesn't keep his friends in Class 1-A in the dark, though. Deku leaves notes for all his classmates, revealing the truth about One For All and his connection to All Might. It's the last thing Izuku does before leaving U.A. altogether and going out on his own. We still have no idea how much power Izuku now has after a crucial time-skip, and what plan with the top pro heroes he may be a part of. All we know is that this seems to be the final story My Hero Academia needs to tell about how Izuku Midoriya became the no. 1 hero, Deku.

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