This My Hero Academia Face Mask Will Turn You Into All Might

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest anime out there, and it has kept millions entertained during the pandemic. With so many things out of order these days, the superhero show has been a source of comfort to so many people trying to stay busy at home. As parts of the world begin to open up, more people are venturing outside, and a new My Hero Academia mask is letting those frontline workers take All Might with them.

Recently, the user TidalTaint posted a photo of themselves donning a new mask they got off Etsy. The netizen, who is a big fan of My Hero Academia, bought a balaclava that is styled after the Symbol of Peace. And as you can see down below, the mask is as cute as it is disturbing.

The mask covers fans from their nose to their neck. The layered fabric features a red background, but it does have a print design on it. After all, it is hard to miss the massive design of All Might's face on the mask. When you put on the balaclava, it superimposes the hero's face on yours... and it is pretty hilarious.

Got a special mask on my cake day! Plus Ultra! from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

You can find the mask on Etsy here if you are interested in getting one. (you can also get My Hero Academia-inspired masks at TeePublic and Redbubble). It will satisfy anyone's curiosity about what life is like looking the same as All Might. Well, except for the top of your face. The mask does not cover your eyes, forehead, or hair. So with that in mind, you can see how it creates a mixed-matched look on whoever is wearing it. The mask gives them a comically large chin, but All Might would surely love to see any of his fans wearing the balaclava. There is little doubt Izuku would be first in line to get a mask like this one, so let's hope the hero-in-training has saved up enough money to nab one.


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