My Hero Academia Gives Todoroki And Bakugo A Big Upgrade

My Hero Academia's one-hundredth episode mostly focused on Class 1-A following their big battle [...]

My Hero Academia's one-hundredth episode mostly focused on Class 1-A following their big battle against Class 1-B during the Joint Training Exercise Arc, and the latest installment saw both Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki gaining a big leg-up in the world of heroes. With the episode pitting the two young heroes against a gang of villains with power over "carbonation", All Might finds himself witnessing the growing strength of these two fan-favorite characters who have finally managed to score a big win in their respective careers as aspiring crime fighters within the hallowed halls of UA Academy.

As fans know, both Bakugo and Shoto weren't able to gain their provisional hero licenses originally alongside the other heroes in their class, discovering that simply having powerful Quirks wasn't necessarily enough to take them to the next level. With both aspiring crime fighters working to better respond to those that they would be saving, they participated in an exercise that had them caring for a class of toddlers whose powers were unruly, to say the least. Luckily, they were able to surpass this test in Season Four, and with this latest episode, were able to once again face off against Gang Orca and attain their licenses.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

Not thirty minutes after they received their long-awaited licenses did Shoto and Bakugo find themselves dragged into a crime spree being generated by a gang of villains, gliding along with a tidal wave that they employed to steal the belongings of the citizens that were consumed by the water. Joined by the powerless All Might, the two young heroes were able to not only quickly defeat the villains and their leader, but also managed to save the lives of the nearby civilians who were caught in the wake of the spree.

With Todoroki and Bakugo now reaching the same level as their classmates, the arc has set these two heroes up for the upcoming "Endeavor Agency Arc," which will see them join Deku as students learning under the tutelage of the number one hero, Endeavor. Of course, before this storyline takes place, viewers will be experiencing Class 1-A's Christmas celebration and the dark saga of the villains in "My Villain Academia,".

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