My Hero Academia Artist Spotlights Toga in New Sketch

The artist behind My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions shares a breathtaking new iteration of Toga.

My Hero Academia is in the throes of its final arc, seeing heroes and villains taking on one another and many characters dying in the process. Without diving too deeply into spoiler territory, Toga had a major spotlight shined on her as she faced down Uravity in recent chapters of Kohei Horikoshi's manga. Thanks to the popularity of the shonen franchise, UA Academy's universe received a number of spin-off series, with the artist responsible for Team-Up Missions sharing a breathtaking new piece focusing on the League of VIllains' resident blood-sucker.

Toga has become a fan-favorite in My Hero Academia's villain stable and for good reason. In her earlier life, before she became a major threat to Hero Society, the young Toga found herself drinking the blood of animals and classmates. Rather than feeling shame in doing so, the future villain embraced her desire to drink the life fluids of living beings, which worked well for her Quirk. When Toga guzzled blood, she was able to take on the appearance of those she targeted but eventually evolved to be able to use their powers as well. This has become a fundamental part of Toga's evolution, as readers have seen in the earth-shattering final saga of My Hero Academia's manga.

Toga Team-Up Missions

My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions first premiered in 2019 and has netted over thirty chapters focusing on team-ups in the UA Academy universe. Typically focusing on lighter-fare stories that otherwise wouldn't have been seen in the main series, the spin-off has been helmed by artist Yoko Akiyama. These stories have yet to receive an anime adaptation though considering the popularity of the franchise, it might only be a matter of time.

Another new Toga Illustration by 'Team-Up Missions' artist Yoko Akiyama!
by u/asilvertintedrose in BokuNoHeroAcademia

Following the conclusion of My Hero Academia's sixth season, a seventh was quickly confirmed by Studio BONES. While the television series is continuing to make its way to the manga's current events, the television series hasn't confirmed that the next season will be its last. Recently confirming that a fourth film was in the works as well, Class 1-A still has quite a few anime adventures to explore.

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