My Hero Academia Delivers Its Cheekiest Censorship Yet

My Hero Academia is pushing forward with a new arc in its manga, and fans are all on board with the move. After experiencing a dark adventure with Izuku, the gang has come together to bring Deku back to the surface, and Class 1-A did just that. These days, the manga is toeing into a new story to calm the storm, and it delivered big time with a funny bit of censorship this week.

The moment in question went live this weekend when chapter 327 was released. My Hero Academia brought in some levity as Deku was given a spa day baby his friends. In fact, the boy was scrubbed down head to foot by his male peers, but Bakugo threw things awry when he tried to make a nude cameo.

Obviously, such a shot isn't going to fly in a shonen manga, so creator Kohei Horikoshi got real creative. Bakugo still shows up in the bath scene naked, but some well-paced steam covers his lower body. And as you can see above, the stream is shaped into a sound effect which translates to "ding dong" in English.

And honestly? You can do the math from there. Ding dong is used as a euphemism in some places, and this manga panel is censoring a very specific area of Bakugo's body. There is no way Horikoshi did this by accident, and fans have hit up social media to share their laughter over this wild scene.

Clearly, this kind of laugh was needed, and My Hero Academia fans are happy to see this change of pace. It seems Class 1-A is going to get some peace in this next arc, but they know war is still on the horizon. Nothing will be fixed until All For One is taken care of, and the pro heroes are working to strategize that fight.

What do you think about this censorship blip? Did you do a double-take reading this My Hero Academia chapter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.